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Brazilian federal Supreme Court's (STF) accessibility actions promote social inclusion of people with disabilities

The Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) has recently undergone a series of changes to its facilities in order to comply with accessibility standards provided in Brazilian law. In addition to physical facilities, the care with accessibility actions promoted by the Supreme Court also encompass several projects for the inclusion of people with disabilities.

All works, adaptations and accessibility actions carried out in the Court are based on laws, decrees and, mainly, the rules of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT). The adjustments must also preserve the architectural and patrimonial design of the STF.

Accessibility and inclusion

Among the actions, the tactile paving signage was installed in the Court, an adaptation that aims at the accessibility of visually impaired people to all buildings. Signaling is one of the obligations established in the Statute of People with Disabilities.

In recent years, other actions have been taken to ensure broad access to the STF, including adaptations in restrooms, classrooms, installation of safety equipment, sidewalk refurbishment and annex entrances and the headquarter building.

The elevators also gained Braille identification system. And both at the Library and at the reception of the health service, the height of the counters in the public attendance places was adapted according to the accessibility standard.

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