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Plenary honors Dean Celso de Mello for 30 years of practice at the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court

At the beginning of this extraordinary session on Wednesday (21), the Justices of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) honored Dean Celso de Mello for his 30 years as a member of the Court. Appointed on June 30, 1989, by then-President José Sarney, Celso de Mello took office as STF Justice on August 17 of that year. Justice Marco Aurélio hailed the technical and humanistic formation of the dean, who came from the São Paulo Public Prosecution Office, and noted his enormous contribution to the collegiate. "We are all, as we mutually complement each other in this board, benefiting from the fact that Justice Celso de Mello occupies a chair," stating that his presence is a source of pride for the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice Dias Toffoli reaffirmed the content of an article published in the press about Justice Celso de Mello's 30 years in Court, in which he pointed out how much the dean honors the nation, the Supreme Court itself and the Brazilian democracy. “His interventions at the sessions are historical. His dense votes in the Federal Supreme Court are the expression of a magistrate committed to the best cause of Justice and the Democratic Rule of Law. To live with him is to enjoy culture, respect and friendship”, wrote the Chief Justice.
Justice Alexandre de Moraes, who also published an article on the date, emphasized the admission of the STF's dean to the select group of worldwide Supreme Courts Justices with three decades of practice. During the Brazilian Republican period, Dean Celso de Mello is the first to complete 30 years in office. The Justice stressed that the time of the dean in the STF coincides with the age of the 1988 Constitution, therefore it is not possible to interpret it without his lenses. “In these three decades of judiciary activity, Justice Celso de Mello's influence on the realization of an effective and just Democratic Rule of Law has been essential, both in the definition of our constitutionality control and in the protection of fundamental human rights, Republican ideals and in the fight against corruption ”, said Justice Alexandre de Moraes in his article.


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