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Chief Justice Dias Toffoli signs technical cooperation agreement to promote actions in the Federal District's penitentiary system

The President of the National Council of Justice (CNJ) and Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Dias Toffoli, alongside the Governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha, signed a technical cooperation agreement to promote actions aiming the socio-emotional development and the creation of opportunities to egresses from the Federal District penitentiary system and their families. The signing ceremony was held at the Supreme Court on Monday (26).

Resocialization Program

In his statement, Chief Justice Dias Toffoli recalled that in 2008, the then Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Gilmar Mendes, instituted the Convicts Resocialization Program through an agreement with the GDF and the Criminal Executions Court of the Federal District and Territories Court of Justice. (TJDFT). Since then, the Supreme has maintained an agreement with Funap-DF, the Worker Prisioner Support Foundation of the Federal District, which intermediates the Court's recruitment of re-educated convicts in order to promote their social and professional reintegration.


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