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Mercosur and bilateral cooperation are on Chief Justice Dias Toffoli's schedule in Argentina

Chief Justice Dias Toffoli, will carry out official programming in Buenos Aires this Friday (23), where he will give the closing lecture of the 3rd Congress “Mercosur for Judges and Lawyers”, in the auditorium of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The event will also be attended by the Minister of Justice of Argentina, Germán Garavano.

Chief Justice Dias Toffoli's agenda also includes a meeting with Argentine Supreme Court's President Carlos Rosenkrantz, with whom he has been working on closer legal cooperation between the two countries. Rosenkrantz and Dias Toffoli will be meeting for the second time in less than a year and they intend to move forward in discussing new cooperation and exchange mechanisms between the two Courts.

Chief Justice Toffoli will also visit the National Electoral Chamber, an Argentine judiciary body in charge of the electoral process underway in that country. “The importance and density of the Brazil-Argentina relationship, not only in the economic-commercial aspect, increasingly require dialogue between the representatives of the Judiciary of the two countries,” said Joel Sampaio, the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court's international advisor.

According to Sampaio, whether in the bilateral relationship or in Mercosur, member countries have been building a normative heritage to facilitate citizens' lives and ensure the conditions for commerce and investment to advance. "It is up to the Judiciary to ensure the proper functioning of these rules, which over the past 30 years have brought countries closer together and generated prosperity," he said.

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