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In Colombia, the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court's Chief justice highlights the mooderating role of the Court

During the Annual Meeting of Chief Justices and Magistrates of Tribunals, Courts and Constitutional Rooms of Latin America in Cartagena, Colombia, the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court's (STF) Chief Justice Dias Toffoli attended the panel “The Changing Role of the Constitutional Judge in the last 25 years - Between legalism and activism ”, this Friday (20).

Alongside the Chief Justices of the Constitutional Courts of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and the Deputy Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court of Germany, Dias Toffoli recalled the role of the “last trench” that the Supreme Court has taken in the delicate and complex moments that Brazil has spent in recent years. .

"The Supreme Court has been constantly called upon by society to give its final word to ensure that institutional and social conflicts are resolved within a framework of absolute constitutional legality," he said.

The Justice stressed out to the participants that the constitutional magistrate should decide with prudence between the times when he should act and those when he should let the other institutions act, having as priority the harmony between the Powers and the legal certainty.

"Whatever is the way to follow for constitutional judges in this changing world, that way must go through a respect in the eyes of the Constitution that cannot be negotiated," said Dias Toffoli.

The Justice also emphasized the defense of fundamental rights guaranteed by the STF, "in particular the rights of minorities and the exercise of public freedoms, such as those of speech and conscience."

“Our guide has been the 1988 Constitution, to which we owe the solidity of our democracy. Our most important mission is to protect it” he concluded.

Freedom of speech

On Saturday (21), the Chief justice of the Supreme Court of Brazil will attend a session reserved for Justices, with case studies and presentation of relevant judgments of the region's constitutional courts on freedom of press and speech.

Toffoli will address the Supreme Court decision that suspended the seizure of books with homossexuals subject matters during the Book Biennial in Rio de Janeiro in early September.

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