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Brazilian Federal Supreme Court's Dean will receive the National Association of Newspapers's Press Freedom Award 2019

Justice Celso de Mello was chosen, by unanimous decision of the board of the National Association of Newspapers (ANJ), to receive the 2019 ANJ Press Freedom Award, in recognition of his permanent defense of the free press over his 30-year career as Justice of the Brazilian Federal SupremeCourt (STF).

The award will take place on November 11th, at 5 pm, in Rio de Janeiro, during an event held by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA). In the report sent to the dean, the ANJ stresses that the Justice's votes on issues related to freedom of the press and freedom of expression have become essential to the preservation of the democratic rule of law.

The prize

The ANJ Press Freedom Award was conceived by the National Newspaper Association to honor people or institutions that have excelled in the last 12 months in promoting or defending press freedom, or whose performance during this period demonstrates the fundamental importance of press freedom for society and for democracies.


Justice Celso de Mello's performance in the Supreme Court is mixed with the validity of the 1988 Constitution, which guided the structuring of the New Republic. Appointed on June 30, 1989, the minister took office on August 17 of that year, less than two months from the first anniversary of the new Constitutional Charter and on the eve of the first direct election for president after 21 years of military rule.

Since then, the dean of the Supreme Court has been marking his trajectory for his uncompromising defense of the fundamental rights provided for and guaranteed in the Constitution, with special attention to the individual guarantees of the citizen and the rights of minorities, including before acts of omission by the Government. Another theme that always deserves intense manifestations of the dean is the defense of the right of assembly and the freedom of expression of thought.

With simple habits, Justice Celso de Mello likes to stroll through the bookstores of Brasília (DF) and vacation in his hometown, Tatuí, in the interior of São Paulo, in the company of friends. He likes soccer and relics a shirt signed by the players of São Paulo, his heart team. He is also known and admired for his cordiality, honesty and attention to the welfare of the STF's servers.


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