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Justice convened public hearing on freedoms of artistic, cultural, communicational and informational expressions

Justice Cármem Lúcia of the Brazilian Supreme Federal Court (STF) will hold a public hearing on 11/4 to support the analysis of the Action against the Violation of a Constitutional Fundamental Right (ADPF) 614, which deals with freedom of artistic, cultural, communicational and informational expression and with the eventual limitation of its exercise by the Government.

The ADPF was proposed by Rede Sustentabilidade against Decree 9.191 / 2019 of the Presidency of the Republic, which changes the structure of the Superior Council of Cinema. The party claims that the presidential act configures censorship of Brazilian audiovisual production.

According to the Justice, due to the legal and social relevance of the matter conveyed in the action, "it is convenient to have a hearing of specialists, representatives of the public power and civil society and people with experience and authority in the Brazilian sector responsible for the creation, production and dissemination of all democratic forms of artistic and cultural expressions and audiovisual communication ”.

The hearing will start at 2 pm in the STF Second Chamber's Session Room. Interested parties should request participation by the email until 10/25, accompanied by a brief resume of the exhibitor and the presentation's summary.

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