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Booklet is launched to improve the inclusion of people with disabilities in public institutions


The Accessibility Network, of which the Brazilian Supreme Federal Court (STF) is part, has launched the booklet “How to Build an Accessible Environment in Public Organizations”. The launch took place during the 1st Accessibility and Inclusion National Meeting (ENAI), held in Brasilia (DF). By bringing together the summit of the Judiciary and Legislative Branches and the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU), the Accessibility Network promotes systematic discussions related to the accessibility and the inclusion of persons with disabilities within the institutions.

It was from the very difficulties in implementing accessibility within each body that is part of the Network that the material was created and it was also intended to be made available and used by other institutions. It covers guidance on the implementation of accessibility, based on relevant legislation and paying attention to the concepts of accessibility and inclusion, as well as it can be an accessibility self-assessment tool within organizations.


According to the social worker Fernanda Vieira, coordinator of the STF Without Barriers Program, the material is comprehensive and detailed and will serve as a guide for bodies that want to start implementing accessibility within their institutions or follow up on actions already started. "The booklet does not only address physical accessibility, such as ramps, handrails, but also encourages technological, communication, service and management accessibility", she explained.

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