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Decision suspends part of Brazilian Superior Labor Court's sentence on health plans for Post Office's employees


The Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Dias Toffoli, suspended part of the effects of the decision of the Superior Labor Court (TST) because he believes there is a serious risk of injury to the public economy in a case involving the Brazilian Post and Telegraph Company (ECT) and several employee associations.

The ECT proposed negotiations to discuss the funding of the health plan offered to employees and other beneficiaries, in the proportion of 70% for the public company and 30% for the holders. As there was no agreement, the category went on strike leading to a collective bargaining action.

In the trial held in October, the TST declared the non-abusiveness of the movement, granted salary readjustment, in addition to changing the health plan rules, maintaining the established proportion, among other obligations endowed with effective potential to cause enormous damage.

"The issue raised in the case records relates to possible limits of the normative power of the Labor Court, specifically regarding the delivery of a decision in collective bargaining, which imposed a series of obligations to the applicant's employees," said Dias Toffoli in the decision.

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