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Chief Justice Dias Toffoli: "We have to communicate more and better."


Brazilian judges provide a definitive solution to 32 million lawsuits per year, but are mistakenly taxed by common sense as unproductive. This and other fallacies about the performance of the Judiciary need to be fought with the integrated action of the communications offices of the Brazilian courts, said the president of the National Council of Justice (CNJ) and the Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Justice Dias Toffoli, at the opening of the III National Communication Meeting of the Judiciary, in Brasilia.

"We have to communicate more and better, internally and externally. This is the main mission of the communication meetings: to think how to assume the position of knowing ourselves better and no longer replicate common sense," said the Justice. The president of the CNJ highlighted another harmful example of the prejudices disseminated in Brazilian society against the Judiciary: the fallacy that judges are lenient with criminals that the police arrest.

"In Brazil, there is only imprisonment for flagrante delicto or by court order. But when one discloses the arrest of someone accused of corruption, what is generally said is that the police arrested and then the courts released it. But it was a judge who ordered the arrest. In an extremely small index, it is the Judiciary that determines the release, because of exceptions provided by law, but note our difficulty of communication," said Dias Toffoli, citing the Federal Police and the Federal Public Ministry as institutions that practice effective communication.


The III National Comunication Meeting of the Judiciary Branch continues until Friday (6), in the auditorium of the Council of the Federal Justice (CJF), in Brasilia, with the participation of specialists in the area, besides secretaries, directors, advisors, servants and other workers of the comunication areas of the Brazilian courts. The objective is to debate strategic communication actions for the Judiciary.

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