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Operation Car Wash: Brazilian Federal Supreme Court rendered more than 10,000 decisions and analyzed 112 collaboration agreements in five years of operation.


Justice Edson Fachin, of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), released an updated balance sheet with figures from 2019 on the processes related to Operation Car Wash, which investigates crimes related to deviations in Petrobras. According to the report, in five years of operation more than 10,000 decisions and orders were issued in investigations, criminal proceedings, petitions, injunctions and habeas corpus, among other cases. They resulted in the investigation of more than R$ 800 million, which have been allocated to companies and institutions victimized by the illegal actions revealed in the operation.


The Supreme Court is currently conducting 35 inquiries into the operation. To date, there have been 418 decisions and 1,696 orders in this class of proceedings, involving 4,252 petitions and files received from the Public Prosecutor's Office, other agencies and those under investigation. In 2019, 12 inquiries were filed, 24 referred to other instances and courts and one was redistributed.

Criminal proceedings

Of the total of nine criminal lawsuits in progress in the STF, the Second Chamber concluded the trial of three. In the two sentences imposed, the beginning of the fulfillment of the sentence has already taken place. In relation to the six lawsuits in progress, two are based on judgment. Of the remaining, one depends on the completion of investigations, another is concluded for the preparation of a vote, one was sent to the reviewer and the other is awaiting analysis of the appeal.

In the five years of the operation, 822 petitions and proceedings were filed by parties and third parties, which generated 71 decisions and 270 orders. 192 people were heard in the 79 hearings held by judges working in the Rapporteur's Office. The justice informed that other 12 criminal actions of his rapporteur, which have no relation with the Lava-Jato, were also judged in recent years.

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