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Chief Justice's Office of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court provides an updated report with the main results for 2019


The 2019 balance sheet is already available on the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) Office page. The publication, with data up to December 31st, presented the results of all the procedural movement of the year, of the jurisdictional provision, of the institutional relations and with society and of the management of personnel.

Among the STF's figures, the 19.12% reduction in the procedural collection in relation to the same period in 2018 should be highlighted. The document also counted 31.2 thousand cases in progress in the Court, the majority of which were Extraordinary Appeals with Bill of Review (34.9%), followed by Extraordinary Appeals (16.7%) and Habeas Corpus (13.8%).

The Court also had 125 plenary sessions (81 in person, 42 virtual and 2 solemn), 80 sessions of the First Chamber (38 in person and 42 virtual) and 81 of the Second Chamber (39 in person and 42 virtual).

Relationship with society

With the communication of the STF reformulated, some of the results of 2019 were: 438 thousand press quotes, 1.9 thousand articles published on the website, 6.4 thousand produced for TV Justice and 22 thousand for Radio Justice, besides 59.3 million impressions on Twitter and 41.8 million views on YouTube. There were also 1.3 thousand press inquiries related to the Office of the Chief Justice and the Deputy Chief Justice, which were followed by the Communications Office in more than 80 events in other states.

The Citizen's Center, a direct communication channel between the citizen and the Federal Supreme Court, pointed out 67.8 thousand visits to the sector this year, and sent 18.9 thousand letters to the Public Defender's Office related to prisoners.

Dialogue between the Powers

The balance sheet counted 1,186 hearings in the Office of the Chief Justice of the STF in 2019. In the National Congress, 292 meetings of committees and parliamentary fronts were followed up by the Supreme Court and 380 legislative proposals were monitored, among bills and amendments to the Constitution.

With respect to integration with other countries, the survey showed that the Court's international portal had 272,000 views and that the Court received 40 foreign delegations, including those from the United States, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Russia, India, Cameroon, South Africa, and China.

Read the entire updated report here

Communication Advisory to the Chief Justice's Office


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