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Justice Fux examined more than 460 cases on judicial duty


The Deputy Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Justice Luiz Fux, was responsible for deciding urgent matters referred to the Court while he served as President of the Court from January 19 to 29 of the forensic vacation period. Of the 468 decisions and orders issued, 78% concerned habeas corpus and complaints (365 cases). The remaining 22% included 24 petitions, 18 writs of mandamus, 10 direct actions for unconstitutionality, and 9 extraditions, among others.

Among the cases analyzed were the law that created the judge of guarantees, the habeas corpus petition against the exoneration of Roberto Alvim, secretary of culture of the federal government, and the injunction for the defense of Suzane Richthofen to suspend publication of unauthorized biography.

Communications Advisory to the Chief Justice's Office - CG/FB/GL

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