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STF Educa: online courses open to citizens reach 3.6 thousand registrations in less than a week


During the first 24 hours on air, more than 1,200 people enrolled in the online courses of STF Educa, a project of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) in partnership with the National Council of Justice (CNJ). There are already 3.6 thousand registrations in less than a week.

Available on the CNJ's EaD platform, the activities are free and open to the whole society. Most of those interested opted for the course "Introduction to Constitutional Law and Constitutionality Control", with 2,012 people enrolled. In second place, so far, is the course "Grammar Update" (1,448), followed by the course "When a father is born: basic guidelines on responsible paternity" (168). "The demand has surprised us due to the large volume of registrations in such a short time," comments Renata Lucena, coordinator of People Development at STF.

Topics of interest

The idea is that the offer takes place in cycles of two months, as in this first one, which runs from February to March. For the second cycle, to begin in April, two more courses are already planned, in addition to those currently available. From these initial courses, it will be possible to analyze the profile of the participants and direct the training to the topics of greatest interest. When filling out the registration form, the user informs data such as schooling, family income, city and whether he/she is a public servant (and from which field).

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