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Justice considers impracticable action against the so-called "Constitutional Amendment Bill of the War Budget".


Justice Ricardo Lewandowski, of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), denied a follow-up to the Security Warrant (MS) 37059, through which Senator Alessandro Vieira (Citizenship Party - SE) questioned the processing of the Constitutional Amendment Bill (PEC) 10/2020, known as "'PEC of the War Budget". According to the congressman, the speed of consideration of the PEC in the House of Representatives, the rejection of the amendments presented to the text and the adoption of summary voting rites due to the needs arising from the Covid-19 pandemic compromise the legislative process, not to mention the exclusion of popular participation resulting from remote means of voting by congressmen.

Justice Lewandowski applied to the case the STF's jurisprudence in the sense that matters relating to the interpretation of regimental rules of the National Congress are internal corporis, unsusceptible, as a rule, of judicial review.


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