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2nd Chamber ensures former president of Peru access to Lava-Jato reports


The Second Chamber of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), in a session held by videoconference on Tuesday (19), granted former Peruvian President Ollanta Humala and his wife, Nadine Alarcon, access to the collaboration agreements signed between the Federal Prosecutor's Office (MPF) and Odebrecht in the context of the Lava-Jato operation. According to the decision, taken by majority vote in the interlocutory appeal trial in Petition (PET) 7494, access to the material should only cover documents in which the two are in fact mentioned, excluding the investigative acts and proceedings still in progress.

The terms of the agreement gave rise, through legal cooperation between Brazil and Peru, to an investigative procedure and then to a criminal action. Humala and Nadine have been imprisoned in Peru since June 2017. At the STF, they seek broad and full access to the terms of the collaboration so that they can defend themselves "in a full and appropriate manner". The defense appealed against a decision by the rapporteur, Justice Edson Fachin, who denied the request for access.


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