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Online sessions will last six days starting on May 29


Starting next week (29/5), the online sessions of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) will last six working days, beginning and ending on Fridays. The novelty, introduced by Resolution 684/2020, signed this Thursday (21), was informed by the Chief Justice of the Court, Dias Toffoli, at the beginning of the plenary session. He stressed that the improvement of virtual judgments has been constant. "The online sessions have been essential for the achievement of an efficient judicial provision and in reasonable time, thus optimizing the agendas of the collegiate bodies," said the Chief Justice.

Dias Toffoli recalled that, recently, the online sessions have received several improvements, to allow, for example, the sending of oral supports by electronic means, the realization of factual clarification during the session and the availability on the STF website of the report and the full votes of the Justices, "which increases the transparency and publicity of the judgments.

Currently, the session lasts five working days, beginning on Fridays and ending on Thursday of the following week. With the amendment, the session will now last six working days, beginning at 0:00 a.m. on Friday and ending at 11:59 p.m. on the following Friday, with alterations only when there is a holiday during the period. The virtual session that starts this Friday (22nd) will be the last one lasting five working days.


The Justice noted that in the plenary sessions by videoconference, issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic are being prioritized. Since March 12nd, 13 plenary sessions have been held, with the consideration of 23 referenda on precautionary measures, all related to the issue.

Toffoli pointed out that during this period, 4007 cases were judged in the online sessions, covering Plenary and classes. In the online session held between may 8 and 14, 438 cases were judged, (173 by the Plenary, 135 by the First Chamber and 130 by the Second Chamber).

In the words of the Justice, according to the Covid-19 Panel of Actions, by the beginning of the afternoon, 2,266 cases related to the pandemic had been registered in the Court and 2,032 decisions had been rendered on the matter.

Read the full text of Resolution 684/2020


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