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Brazilian Federal Supreme Court reaches 2.5 thousand cases received related to Covid-19


The Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) has received 2,500 cases related to the Covid-19 pandemic since March 12, the day a resolution was published implementing social distancing measures to prevent contagion from the new coronavirus. During this period, more than 2,300 decisions were handed down on the matter. The information related can be found on the Covid-19 Action Panel, a page on the Supreme Court's website where is possible to follow updated data on all ongoing processes related to the pandemic.

For the Chief Justice of the Court, Justice Dias Toffoli, in addition to providing the necessary celerity to these cases, the STF delivers a fast and efficient judicial service with transparency in the disclosure of data. "The goal of all members of the justice system is to ensure legal security and bring peace so that the country can overcome this difficult time as quickly as possible," he said in a recent videoconference with lawyers.

Among the main cases judged during the pandemic period is the recognition of concurrent jurisdiction of states, DF, municipalities and the Union to fight Covid-19; states and municipalities do not need authorization from the Union to adopt measures to restrict locomotion during the pandemic; and the suspension for 180 days of payment of the installments of the debt of several states with the Union.

Also noteworthy were the removal of passages from the Provisional Measure (MP) that relaxed labor rules during the pandemic; the confirmation of an injunction that prevented restrictions in the Access to Information Law during the pandemic; and the suspension of the MP that provides for sharing data from telecommunications users with IBGE to produce official statistics during the pandemic.

Remote Work

During the duration of the social isolation measures, the STF has ensured the judicial provision for society even in remote work. Over 22 thousand decisions were rendered, 17,460 of which were monocratic and 4,705 collegiate. During the period, the STF received 14,115 lawsuits and 17,598 lawsuits were dismissed. Information can be found in the "Relatório de Prestação Jurisdicional - Trabalho Remoto" (Report on Judicial Provision - Remote Labor), available on the Supreme Court's website.

Another initiative of the Supreme Court to avoid crowding is the trial sessions in a virtual environment, such as the first plenary session of the STF by videoconference, held on April 15. The day before, on April 14, the weekly collegiate trial sessions were resumed with the Chambers also using the technological resource. The Virtual Plenary received a number of improvements, such as sending oral presentations electronically, clarifying the facts during the session, and making the report and the full votes of the Justices available on the STF's website.

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