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Secretary General of the STF's Chief Justice's Office highlights technological innovations in videoconference with jurists


The Secretary General of the Chief Justice's Office of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Daiane Lira, participated on Saturday (30) in a virtual event on how the Judiciary has been structured to allow the continuity of judicial provision during social isolation measures to prevent contagion by Covid-19. She highlighted initiatives such as panels with information on the Court's productivity in remote work and actions that come before the Court on the subject of the pandemic.

"When we saw a large number of actions related to Covid-19 reaching the Supreme Court, we understood that we needed both to prioritize the matter and to alert the Justices' offices, in addition to being able to manage the lawsuits and make them available to society," explained Daiane Lira, highlighting the scheduling received for these actions to enable a priority proceeding. "There are already almost 2,700 lawsuits related to Covid-19 with more than 2,500 decisions rendered," she said.

The Secretary General also pointed out the Supreme Court's ease in adapting from a digital transformation that had already been taking place for more than a decade, with the advent of the Virtual Plenary in the administration of Justice Ellen Grace, in 2007. As a result of the pandemic, the system underwent updates to allow the trial of all procedural classes, the sending of oral arguments, the inclusion of de facto clarifications and the monitoring in real time of the votes of the Justices, upon request of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB).

"Both lawyers and the parties involved can access the votes and qualitatively implement the discussion with the Justices of the Court, which made possible a debate, which although does not take place in a face-to-face session, occurs through these other channels," recalled Daiane. She indicated as a "golden rule" the possibility of any Justice to highlight a case in a virtual trial to be restarted as in person, which reinforces the importance of in-person sessions and makes the agendas more compatible with reality.

For Daiane Lira, the investments in technology made by the STF in recent years have made it possible to maintain judicial provision at a time of public health crisis, "offering the population the necessary institutional support with legal security, ensuring the most basic rights for citizens and judging federal conflicts.

Justice Gilmar Mendes of the Supreme Court; Judge Marco Buzzi of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ); the President of the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association, Felipe Santa Cuz; the Secretary General of Litigation of the Federal Attorney General, Izabel Vinchon; the Chief of Staff of the STF, Rodrigo Mudrovitsch; and the Professor of Law Victor Fernandes also participated in the virtul meeting.

Communication Advisory of the Chief Justice's Office

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