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STF Educa opens registration for two new free courses


The STF Educa (STF Education) project, a partnership between the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the National Council of Justice (CNJ), opens registrations for the third cycle of online courses starting this Monday (1st). The two new courses included in the platform are: "The use of the comma in 4 lessons" and "The Anticorruption Law and the Administrative Process of Accountability: theory and practice". The deadline for completion of the courses is July 3rd.

Available on the CNJ's EaD platform, the courses are free and open to the whole society. The learning is autonomous, without tutoring. The student can follow the rhythm he or she wishes, without defined periodicity, just observing the deadline for the end of the course. To receive the certificate, it is necessary to fulfill the requirements for approval: access to all classes, a minimum score of 70% in activities and completion of the reaction assessment.

All courses offered in previous cycles remain available: Introduction to Constitutional Law and Constitutionality Control; portuguese Grammar Update; When a parent is born: basic guidelines on responsible paternity; Reflections on the Administrative Improbity Law; and Immunities and Tax Exemptions in the Constitution and the STF.

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