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Justice holds PGR statement and rejects mobile phone seizure of President Jair Bolsonaro


Justice Celso de Mello of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) held a statement by General Prosecutor Augusto Aras and rejected requests from three political parties regarding an investigation involving the president of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, among them the request for the seizure of the mobile phone of the head of the Federal Executive. The decision was made in the files of Petition (PET) 8813, filed by the Democratic Labor Party (PDT), Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) and Green Party (PV).

In the PET, the subtitles communicated the alleged practice, by the president of the Republic, of several crimes. The dean pointed out that the monopoly of public prosecution belongs to the Public Prosecutor's Office, which acts, in this condition, with exclusivity, on behalf of the state. Thus, it is the prerogative of the organ to offer the denunciation and to propose the filing of any piece of information or police investigation.

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