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Office of the Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court guarantees judicial provision with more than 7.1 thousand decisions issued on remote work


The Chief Justice's Office of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) issued more than 8,500 rulings and orders during the term of the social distancing measures to prevent contagion by Covid-19. From March 12 to May 31, 46.3% of the cases filed in the Court were registered with the Chief Justice's Office, while more than 7,200 cases were dropped.

Among the decisions made, it is worth highlighting those that guaranteed the permanence of indigenous ethnic groups in occupied territories such as Pataxó in Bahia and Avá-Guarani in Paraná; the assurance of the legality of the social security reforms of states such as São Paulo and Paraíba; and the confirmation of the decision of the São Paulo Court of Justice (TJ-SP) on the unconstitutionality of municipal laws to create commissioned positions.

"It is important that we prioritize the fulfillment of demands related to the pandemic at the moment of health crisis, however, important matters continue to be decided ensuring an efficient and transparent jurisdictional provision," said Daiane Lira, secretary general of the Supreme Court Chief Justice's Office.

Other decisions maintained, for example, judicial determinations to hire professionals for the Police Station of the Child and Adolescent of the state of Amazonas and, in another, aiming at the implementation of a sewage network on the banks of the dam in the area of the city of São Paulo.


In cases related to the pandemic by the new coronavirus, the Presidency issued 180 decisions and dispatches in the period of remote work. Of these, 77 were in Habeas Corpus (HC), 37 in Security Suspensions (SS) and 21 in Provisional Custody Suspensions (STP). "The goal of all members of the justice system is to ensure legal security and bring peace so that the country can overcome this difficult moment as quickly as possible," Chief Justice Toffoli said in a recent videoconference.

The Chief Justice also emphasized, in several decisions on Covid-19, the need for coordinated measures aimed at the common good, always respecting the constitutional competence of each entity of the Federation.

The Deputy Chief Justice, Luiz Fux, assumed the chairmanship when Justice Dias Toffoli left to recover from surgery. In the position, Fux also prioritized guidelines related to the pandemic, as in the decision to maintain a decree of Palmas (TO) to limit the number of public transport vehicles and in two others that suspended permission for activities for digital lodging platform in Gramado (RS) and blockade of R$ 10.9 million from the Municipality of Santa Luzia (MG) for the payment of labor funds.

Communications Advisory to the Chief Justice's Office - CG/FB/GL

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