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Chief Justice of the Brazilian federal Supreme Court receives manifesto in national act for the defense of democracy and the Judiciary


On Monday (8), the Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Justice Dias Toffoli, received a manifesto in defense of democracy and the judiciary delivered virtually by the president of the Association of Brazilian Magistrates (AMB), Renata Gil. More than 200 entities and institutions linked to various sectors of civil society signed the document, in which they highlight the need for autonomy and independence of the Powers in the democratic regime, and also repudiate the attacks and threats directed at the Supreme Court.

In videoconference, authorities expressed their solidarity with the Supreme Court and demonstrated their support for democracy and the strengthening of public institutions. The virtual event was broadcast on AMB's social networks in real time.

Democratic conquests

The Chief Justice of the STF classified the initiative as relevant and emblematic. For the Justice, acts like this characterize "a true coalition in defense of the Democratic State of Law" and show that the path to follow is that of democracy and that of the Constitution. He stated that the strength of democracy is largely due to the autonomy and independence gained by institutions since the redemocratization of the country. According to the Justice, to defend the Judiciary and the STF, as is being done through this manifesto, is to defend democracy, freedoms, rights and all achievements under the 1988 Constitution.

At the beginning of his speech, Toffoli expressed solidarity with the relatives and friends of each of the victims of the new coronavirus and thanked health professionals for their dedication. The Justice stressed that at this time Brazil needs institutional peace, prudence and unity to fight Covid-19. According to him, given the current situation there is no room for unnecessary and artificial confrontations or political disputes. "We cannot radicalize the differences to the point of making dialogue impossible. A solid democracy is based on plurality," he said.

The Chairman of the Court stressed that we must cultivate respect for differences and tirelessly seek convergence and understanding in order to tread the path of social pacification. He reaffirmed that the Powers of the Republic, in all spheres of the federation, public and private institutions and civil society must join forces, through dialogue, transparency and science, to preserve lives, overcome the pandemic and overcome its harmful consequences in the social and economic spheres.


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