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Brazilian Federal Supreme Court pays tribute to Justice Marco Aurélio for 30 years in Court


The 30th anniversary of Justice Marco Aurélio at the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) was recognized on Wednesday (10) by the Chief Justice Dias Toffoli, at the beginning of the plenary session. "It is with great joy and satisfaction that we make this deserved tribute to one of the greatest magistrates in the history of our country and constitutional courts," said Toffoli.

Coming from the Labor Justice (he was Justice of the Superior Labor Court and judge of the Regional Labor Court of the 1st Region), Justice Marco Aurélio took office in the Supreme Court in 13/6/1990. The Chief Justice of the Court recalled his trajectory since when he decided to leave Civil Engineering to study Law. "God wanted, instead of engineering works, him to build bridges between men, bridges that lead to a better country, to a better Justice and to the aggrandizement of the national judiciary".

Toffoli also recalled the performance of Justice Marco Aurélio in the Magisterium of Law and the four times that, as Chief Justice of the STF, he exercised the Presidency of the Republic, due to the line of succession. On one of these occasions, the Justice sanctioned the law creating TV Justiça, a milestone in the history of the Brazilian Judiciary. "Your Excellency is undoubtedly one of the people who has contributed most to the transparency of the STF," he said. Dias Toffoli also recalled that, as Chief Justice of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Justice Marco Aurélio held his first election through the electronic voting system in 1996.


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