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Official Note


Unfortunately, on Saturday night, Brazil experienced yet another attack on the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court, which also symbolizes an attack on all democratically constituted institutions.

Illegally financed, these attitudes have been reiterated and encouraged by a minority of the population and members of the State itself, despite the attempt at dialogue that the Supreme Court tries to establish with everyone, Branches of Power, institutions and civil society, in favor of the progress of the Brazilian nation.

The Supreme Court will never subject itself, as it has not in all its history, to any kind of threat, be it veiled, indirect or direct, and will continue to fulfill its mission.

Guardian of the Constitution, the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court repudiates such conducts and will make use of all the remedies, constitutional and legally placed, for the defense of itself, its Ministers and the Brazilian democracy.

Justice Dias Toffoli
Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court and President of the National Council of Justice

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