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STF elects Justices Luiz Fux and Rosa Weber as Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice for 2020-2022


The Plenary of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) elected on Thursday (25), Justiuce Luiz Fux to head the Court and the National Council of Justice (CNJ) in the biennium 2020-2022. Justice Rosa Weber was elected to assume as the Deputy Chief Justice of the Court.

According to the STF's Rules of Procedure, the Plenary is expected to elect the new leaders at the second regular session of the month prior to the end of the current Chief Justice's term. However, in light of the pandemic and to facilitate the transition process, the election was brought forward. The office is scheduled to be taken September 10th.


The current Chief Justice, Dias Toffoli, on behalf of the Court, greeted Justices Luiz Fux and Rosa Weber and wished them success in conducting "the constitutional Court that judges the most in the world".

Toffoli particularly thanked Justice Luiz Fux, who was Deputy Chief Justice of the Court in the last two years, for his assistance on several occasions. "With great joy, he aided and helped me in so many opportunities in the difficult function of exercising the chairmanship of one of the powers of the Federative Republic of Brazil," he said. Recalling the trajectory of Fux, Toffoli pointed out that the Justice went through all the instances and positions possible for a career judge. "He has always honored the position he holds," he said.


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