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Toffoli closes semester thanking the unity, productivity and commitment of the judiciary in the midst of the pandemic


"Exercising constitutional jurisdiction in a complex country like Brazil - with its 210 million inhabitants, 27 states, 5,570 municipalities and 90 courts - is no easy task. This mission has become even more arduous in the midst of a pandemic that weakens us all and has claimed countless lives". The statement was made by the Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Dias Toffoli, in the plenary session held this Wednesday morning (1st), by means of videoconference, to close the activities of the first half of 2020.

The Chief Justice expressed his solidarity, on behalf of the Court, with the families of the almost 60,000 dead victims of Covid-19 in the country. "It is at times of greatest social fragility and uncertainty that the relevance and responsibility of the Judiciary - and of the entire judicial system - are amplified," he said. Thankfully, the Justice highlighted the commitment, dedication and productivity of all those who contribute to the essential functions of Justice, such as judges, public prosecutors, public defenders and public and private attorneys.

Toffoli also highlighted the contribution of the press and the role of the staff of the STF in conducting the work in a "sui generis" period, as he classified. "It was a semester of challenges, but also a semester of joining forces, collaboration and constructive dialogue. With creativity and commitment, we adapted to the new work routines and, based on a common effort, we accomplished an extremely fruitful first semester", he said.


Despite the large amount of work, the Court closed the semester with the smallest collection of the last 24 years, with 29,285 cases in progress, a volume 6.4% lower than the collection of 12/31/2019. A total of 37,525 cases were received and 38,002 were dismissed. Also 48,101 decisions were rendered in the period, being 39,498 monocratic (82.1%) and 8,603 collegiate (17.9%), and 8,393 judgments were published.

In the collegiate trials, Dias Toffoli highlighted the holding of 58 plenary sessions, being 37 sessions in person and by videoconference, 20 virtual and one solemn session, with 2,269 cases judged in the first half. In the Chambers, 6,312 cases were judged, 562 in-person and videoconference sessions and 5,750 in virtual sessions. "The virtual trials are a reality increasingly present in the great democracies of the world, being propellants of a faster jurisdictional provision, efficient, isonomic, transparent and accessible to all," said the Justice, also praising the importance of the in-person trials.

Read the full speech of Chief Justice Dias Toffoli.

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