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The Constitution and the Supreme Court" service wins new version


The work "The Constitution and the Supreme Court", which brings the constitutional text annotated with the jurisprudence of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), has a new version for access to content, available on the STF website (menu Publications>Annotated Legislation). Several improvements were implemented in the system, in order to improve user access, with a more suitable format for mobile devices, a more friendly appearance, modern layout and a more advanced and efficient form of research.

With the updates, the user can bookmark precedents, because all changes are saved in their login. It is also possible to do a rough search in the text with similar words or expressions and by class of processes. Other tools available are the possibility to make notes and the formation of user groups for simultaneous management of notes, which will be viewed exclusively by members. In the new version there is also the possibility of copying and pasting notes or articles contained in the publication.

The project for this technological update sought to offer a more user-friendly navigation in the service and solve some problems identified in the slowness of access to the published content, as well as provide additional features for customization of content, according to the preferences of the registered user.

Photo: G.Dettmar/Ag.CNJ

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