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Toffoli highlights a 70% reduction in the number of lawsuits on the agenda of the Plenary in two years ahead of the STF


The Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Dias Toffoli, granted a press conference on Friday morning (4) about his administration in the Chair of the Court. In a videoconference with journalists covering the judiciary, the Justice evaluated the relationship between the Powers, the attacks on the Supreme Court and its Justices and the decisions related to the operation Car Wash and the inquiry of the fake news.

Concrete Reaction

"The most difficult decision of my chairmanship was the opening of the fake news survey," he said. "But we already observed something that was happening in other countries: the beginning of a policy of hatred implanted by sectors that want to destroy the institutions to cause chaos". He cited the position of foreign academics who defend the inquiry as the first concrete reaction in the world against the dissemination of fake news.

The defense of the institutions, and especially of the highest court in the country, was perennial and fundamental during the Justice's administration. He recalled that on the occasions when organized groups attacked the STF or its Justices, more than 400 bodies and entities from the public and private sectors - among them presidents of Powers, businessmen, unions and representatives of practically all political parties - demonstrated in favor of the independence of the Judiciary.

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