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STF's Museum wins hotsite that shows the Court's historical-cultural collection


In addition to new facilities, with the ongoing renovation, the Museum of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) will also have a new location for the exhibition of its collection: the Internet. From now on, the entire historical-cultural collection of the STF will be made available virtually through a hotsite.

Among the objectives of the initiative is the preservation of the institutional memory of the STF, making it more accessible to the population, as well as enabling the monitoring of the project of expansion of the venue. On the page, it is possible to follow, in real time, the completed stages of the work, the parties involved in the project and the partnerships signed.

Regarding the catalog, it is composed by objects gathered in more than 200 years of history of the national Judiciary's highest body, since its creation, in 1808, until the present day. The collection gathers documents, photographs, insignias (among coins, medals and condecorations) and museum objects (furniture, works of art, protocol gifts and personal objects of justices).

The expansion of the STF's Museum is a partnership between the STF, the Association of Brazilian Magistrates (AMB) and the Bank of Brasilia (BRB). In August of this year, a cooperation agreement for the shared curatorship of the Museum was signed between the STF and AMB, and a sponsorship contract signed by AMB and the Bank of Brasilia (BRB), with the Court's participation as an intervenor.


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