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Public hearing that will debate the Climate Fund will begin on Monday (21), starting at 9am.


A public hearing will begin on Monday (21), at 9 a.m., to debate the functioning of the National Fund on Climate Change (Fundo do Clima), the allocation of its resources and the status of public policies on environmental matters in Brazil. Convened by Justice Luís Roberto Barroso, rapporteur of the Action against Violation of a Fundamental Constitutional Precept (ADPF) 708, the hearing will bring together members of the federal government, civil society organizations, research institutes, academics and businessmen. The debates will continue throughout Tuesday (22).


The event will be held in the First Chamber of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), with the participation of the lecturers by videoconference and transmission in real time. The entrance will be restricted to a few speakers who opted to attend in person, observing all the sanitary measures, such as social distancing and the use of masks, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the general public and press professionals, the event will be broadcast live by TV Justiça, Radio Justiça and STF channels on YouTube and Twitter. The images will be provided by TV Justiça and the STF (photos).

See the list of exhibitors and the respective days and times of participation.


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TV Justiça
Rádio Justiça
The images will be provided by TV Justiça and STF (photos).

See the list of speakers.

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