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2nd Chamber honors Justice Celso de Mello in his last session in the collegiate


Justice Celso de Mello was honored this Tuesday (6) by the Justices of the Second Chamber, at the end of their last judicial session in the collegiate. A member of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) since November 15, 1989, the dean requested voluntary retirement and ends his career at the Supreme Court on November 13.

Intellectual Density

The head of the collegiate, Justice Gilmar Mendes, observed that the homage reveals an abundant feeling of gratitude of all for the friendly conviviality with a historical personality, a jurist "whose intellectual density will illuminate generations" and a figure unanimously praised by the national legal community not only for his contributions to the Law, but, above all, "for the ethical, courteous and aggregating excellence" of his performance as a member of the Court. "This moment represents the milestone in the career of a judge who has dedicated his life to the defense of the institutional integrity of this Court, a dedication that has been established in the permanent renewal of the commitment of devotion to the pillars of our constitutional democracy," said Mendes.

State of mind

Moved, Justice Celso de Mello thanked the homage. "Such generous words touch me deeply and reach my heart, especially in these days when time is running out and I approach the end of the journey in this noble Supreme Court," he said. He affirmed that the STF, more than the highest organ of the Judiciary in charge of defending the Constitution, represents for him "a true state of mind. According to him, coexistence with the judges that make up the Court has become an "immense factor of learning and experience, especially when the STF has been confronted with serious challenges that compromise the institutionality delegated by the Constitution of the Republic.


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