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Luiz Fux is honored for his contribution in narrowing relations between Brazil and Israel


The President of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), Luiz Fux, received an honor from the Israeli Embassy on Wednesday (14), in Brasilia (DF). The Jerusalem of Gold medal is an award for his contribution to the strengthening of the Brazilian Jewish community and the narrowing of the relationship with Israel.

Luiz Fux is the first Jew to take over the position in the highest Brazilian Court. The Justice comes from an exiled family of World War II. His maternal grandfather was an arbitration judge in the community and his father, Mendel Wolf Fux, was a Romanian immigrant naturalized Brazilian and a lawyer in the civil litigation area.

When receiving the honor from the hands of Ambassador Yossi Shelley, the Justice regretted that despite following the values and principles of Judaism, he has been to the country and remembered the verses of the Israeli anthem - in Hebrew and Portuguese - which he used to sing when he was in school in Rio de Janeiro.

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