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JusticeRosa Weber takes up the duty at the STF until the 31st


As of today (18), the Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Brazil (STF), Rosa Weber, will be responsible for urgent cases referred to the Court, as acting Chief Justice of the Court, until next January 31st.

Luiz Fux is going on vacation, after working on the Court's duty since 12/20. During the period, the Chief Justice pronounced 97 decisions (67 in cases of reporting by the Chief Justice and 30 in cases of other reporters). The number includes decisions of the Chief Justice's Office in cases registered or concluded to the Office before the recess.

During the recess and forensic vacation period, the Chief Justice is responsible for examining urgent requests sent to the Court, in addition to the cases that are originally for the Chief Justice to decide. This year, due to the pandemic, some Justices decided to remain in office during the recess.


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