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The Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) is attended by about 400 people a day of visitation. Those are both Brazilian and foreign tourists, students and even Brasilia residents who visit the main building of the Court on weekends during the vacation period. What this diversified group has in common is an interest for the functioning of the Supreme Court and by the collection of art and historical objects, maintained in the palace designed by one of the greatest masters of architecture, Oscar Niemeyer.

To meet the interest of people to know the Court where judicial decisions influencing life of all Brazilians are ruled, it was created the Open Doors project of the STF.

Through the palace corridors, the visitor is able to travel for over 200 years throughout the history of Brazilian courts. In addition to understanding how the processing and handling of procedures work, he or she comes in contact with the history of creation of Federal Supreme Court (originated from the Pleading House, this one created at the coming of Portuguese Royal Family in 1808). Historical and art objects compose its collection. The tour begins at the Hall of Busts, home of bronze pieces in honor to great personalities of Brazilian history, such as the jurist Rui Barbosa and the abolitionist Joaquim Nabuco as well as the emperor Dom Pedro I.

Then, the group is led to the Noble Salon, where foreign dignitaries are welcomed when visiting STF. During the tour, some of the gifts offered to the Supreme Court during these visits can be seen, as well as objects and furniture from the Empire days. Visitors are also guided to the Gallery of Justices where are the pictures of every member of the Court since 1829, prior to arriving to the office belonging to the President of STF. A table made in the 19th century in Peroba do Campo, a Brazilian typical wood, currently an endangered species, is one of highlights at the presidential chamber. The Plenary of the Supreme Court is the high point of the tour and one of the tourists’ favorite sites. Finally, the visitors are led to the White Room, where the Gallery of Presidents is located.

The Visit Center reports the admiration of people face to the architecture of the palace that houses the Supreme Court, one that although was designed in late 50’s, it remains modern even by contemporary standards. Currently, people touring in STF are also able to see the temporary exhibitions.

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